Since the foundation of the company by Willi Kampmann in 1959, the family company has been producing high class aluminium hardware in Velbert, Germany.

Already in the late eighties, WEKA opened a second production plant with an area of more than 4,500 sqm. Since then WEKA has been producing hardware with more than 70 employees at two locations in Velbert, Germany.

Since its foundation, the company is 100 % family-owned. After the retirement of her father Willi Kampmann in 2003, Roswitha Kampmann-Kampf took over the management of the company in second generation.

In order to maintain independent of suppliers and processing industries and thus to ensure delivery capacities on schedule, WEKA has been producing the whole range of products itself, ever since its foundation.

The in-plant production of all tools and moulds allows WEKA a high flexibility to meet every kind of individual customer requirement.

Due to in-plant casting, abrading and anodizing, WEKA can guarantee constant high quality and is therefore able to meet all requirements of high class hardware Made in Germany.



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New General Manager

Dear Customers and visitors,

After 40 years of building up WEKA and working as general manager, Mrs. Roswitha Kampmann-Kampf consigned the general management to her brother in law Mr. Matthias Imber who is working for WEKA already as a member of board since 8 years.

Mrs. Kampmann-Kampf want to thank everyone who was working together with her!

Mr. Matthias Imber is looking forward to his new responsibility!