Surface treatment

Surface treatment


WEKA aluminium hardware is exclusively made of high class aluminium alloy which makes them strongly resistant against outer influences such as UV rays and moisture. This natural corrosion resistance is additionally increased by the surface finishing with anodizing. In this process the protecting oxidation coating is reinforced through electrical oxidation.

Thanks to the anodizing process, aluminium is much more resistant against outer influences and has therefore long service life, compared to other materials used in the hardware production.

Powder coating

Regarding powder coating WEKA only works with experienced coating companies. The powder coating consists of a mixture of finely grounded particles and resin, which is sprayed on the surface. Powder coated surfaces are extremely scratchproof and strongly protected against split-off, fading and deterioration. Beyond that there is a wide range of colours available.



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New General Manager

Dear Customers and visitors,

After 40 years of building up WEKA and working as general manager, Mrs. Roswitha Kampmann-Kampf consigned the general management to her brother in law Mr. Matthias Imber who is working for WEKA already as a member of board since 8 years.

Mrs. Kampmann-Kampf want to thank everyone who was working together with her!

Mr. Matthias Imber is looking forward to his new responsibility!