Sustainability and environment protection

Sustainability and environment protection

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in general: It has the biggest raw material reserves worldwide and is additionally nearly unlimited recyclable.

The production of aluminium is already ecological, due to the use of renewable energies (e.g. hydropower) for the production process. Hereby the environmental burden is already kept very low during bauxite mining.

Recultivation of opencast mining areas is an inherent part of bauxite mining. Plans for the recultivation are mostly made even before the mining launch. Through collecting seeds of the existing vegetation in designated mining areas for example, most of the territory can be reforested after the mining.

Aluminium is an ideal recycling material as it keeps its specific material advantages. It can therefore be re-produced for one and the same use over and over again. The production of recycled aluminium out of scrap-aluminium requires around 90 % less energy than the first winning.

WEKA is using exclusively recycled aluminium for its hardware and leads back 100% of all emerging metal litter into the recycling-circle.



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New General Manager

Dear Customers and visitors,

After 40 years of building up WEKA and working as general manager, Mrs. Roswitha Kampmann-Kampf consigned the general management to her brother in law Mr. Matthias Imber who is working for WEKA already as a member of board since 8 years.

Mrs. Kampmann-Kampf want to thank everyone who was working together with her!

Mr. Matthias Imber is looking forward to his new responsibility!